Touch HD (Pty) Ltd

KC accepted a mandate from IDC for an intervention with Touch HD And Marketing (Pty) Ltd (“Touch HD”). Touch HD is a 100% black-owned company, which started its Digital Online Radio Station in April 2017. Touch HD strives to be the pioneer of digital
radio on the African continent. The station is available through a smartphone application on IOS and Android as well as a dedicated website. The station offers online live streaming, podcasting Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and live video streaming on the VOOV Application. The scope of work entailed the following:


Mentoring the Founder and equipping him with the ideal skills to operate a business effectively at executive management level;


Facilitating that executive directors attend directorship training to understand their roles and responsibilities from a shareholder and executive directorship level;

  • Ensuring there is a transfer of general management experience to ensure the team manage the business from an executive director perspective, encompassing operation, strategic and financial prudence perspective, implementing revenue enhancement strategies, business continuity, effective sales and networking tactics, strategy formulation & execution, budget management, market intelligence & commercial analysis & value identification, people management;
  • Assisting Touch HD in sourcing the services of an experienced COO through a long-term succession plan
  • Managing Human Resources, Strategy, Operations, Administration, Legal & Compliance, Risk Management (&/or Risk Mitigation), Procurement, Compliance and Content Management;
  • Developing and implementing Corporate governance policies and procedures;
  • Developing an effective pricing strategy that will include data usage and storage costs, server and cloud costing strategies, streaming costs and all other general costing factors relating to digital radio broadcasting and streaming;
    • Developing and implementing Human Resources policies and procedures which include labour relations and any other human capital related factors as well as remuneration policy;
  • All other factors that are needed to ensure the partners effectively manage the business.