Maeto Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a start-up logistics company that was registered in 2017. Kaoyre Capital accepted a Mandate from SEFA to independently conduct and guide a diagnostic analysis of the business and report on the key findings, challenges and proposed solutions. The review was a detailed assessment of the business, which entailed:


  • Owner/Founder commitment to the business, and their technical acumen and ability; as well as Keyperson risk inherent in the business and how best to mitigate it;
  • Review and assessment of Financial Controls and how the finances of the business are managed, including revenue generation, cashflow management, and turn-over analysis and breakeven points, stock control, production throughput, etc.
  • Counterparty risk assessment, including the likelihood of default on loan repayments.
  • Competitive Landscape assessment, analysis and review, including competitive positioning and product market fit
  • Operational and Technical Management assessment, testing of production throughput and quality, as well as stock control / management and its impact on working capital assessment;
  • Human Capital Management and Policies for the business, including verification of number of jobs created or saved, as well as prospects for future employment opportunity, including the aligning of capacity with demand;
  • Statutory / Legal Compliance assessment and the means to close the compliance gap, if any.
  • Identification of governance gaps in the business, including the constitution of a non-executive board of directors.